Key Personnel

Jerry Miller (LinkedIn)
Jerry Miller
Managing Director

Over 30 years’ experience in financial services latterly as management /owner of TMS Capital Ltd. Extensive administrative, managerial and administrative functions, with among others, GNI Ltd, an institutional broker on LIFFE between 1982 and 1984; Newbridge International Inc (UK & US), between 1985 and 1999, and FCM which he founded in the UK and US, established a subsidiary in Germany in 1997, where his responsibilities included managing the trading of commodity and financial futures brokerage for institutional and private clients; Meridian Capital Markets (Ireland) in 2001 and 2002, whose London branch office he was Director of, and since August 2002, TMS Capital Ltd which he founded, and where as Managing Director, he is CEO and is closely involved in the investment management, and general management functions. Areas of expertise include all exchange traded derivative products, futures, options, margin FX broking and asset management.
Adrian Buthee (LinkedIn)
Adrian Buthee
Director & Compliance Officer

Adrian Buthee: Over 10 years’ experience in the stock broking and investment management industry with initially with Cave & Sons Ltd., 2001 to 2002, as a trainee stockbroker, probate manager and head of corporate actions; Grant Thornton Asset Management Ltd, between 2002 and 2004, covering portfolio modelling, processing client money, settlement, and regulatory compliance; and since 2004, with TMS Capital, where his duties include investment management and compliance. He is approved by the FCA as director, investment advisor and discretionary investment manager. Areas of expertise include compliance, exchange traded derivatives, and asset management.